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Path of Exile Guide: Duelist Example Builds

Path of Exile is a very in-depth game with a steep learning curve and describes character categories, and beginners often get confused with many of the game’s mechanics and systems. The developers of Path of Exile stress that one of their core goals is to provide a genuinely free-to-play game financed only by “ethical microtransactions”. In this guide today, we have updated the Duelist Example Builds. We previously updated the Marauder, Witch, and Ranger Example Builds guide, which can be viewed here.

path of exile Duelist Example Builds


Duelist is one of three hybrid characters that oscillates between strength and agility. The former affects his health and melee damage, while the latter is responsible for the accuracy and avoiding enemy attacks. This combination makes it possible for him to become an agile warrior using two single poles. This scheme shows the beginning of character development-it defines the initial passive skills (7) and shows the best way to reach them.

How to play

The gameplay is mainly based on melee. Duelist developed on two attributes will not be more uncomfortable than Marauder, but he has a faster offense and more efficient dodge. In the face of a group of enemies, playing this role will be more reserved and cautious. Thanks to the gems of attack speed and correct skills gems.

Passive skills

In this build, Duelist will equally develop based on these two attributes. Passives should be related to melee physical damage, especially sword and dual wielding. When you choose a passiveness related to strength and agility, your duel will eventually become a typical thug whose agility will allow him to survive in many different situations.

Active skills

Duelist builds following this guide should acquire skill gems related to strength and agility, and they should not collide with the weapons used by the character. This means that their description should specify that they will work for the owner of a one-handed sword. Some gems suitable for this role are shown below. You should collect them as the highest priority.


CleaveCleave is a skill related to the strength that’s useful when you want to get rid of a group of enemies quickly. The character takes a 180-degree swing with his weapon.    Using it hits all enemies within its range.


Dual Strike

Dual StrikeDual Strike is a very useful skill that can use both weapons you have at the same time. The character attacks with two weapons at a time because it can cause huge  damage to a specific target.


Flicker Strike

Flicker Strike

Flicker Strike will give you an excellent and simple way of escaping. It makes the character teleport to a selected enemy and hit them with increased damage. Thanks to  it, you’ll be able to escape when you’re surrounded or use it to get to enemies that fight from a distance quickly.


Viper Strike

Viper Strike

Viper Strike can replace your basic attacks, and attacks by characters will poison the enemy. When the enemy is hit, it will be poisoned, which will save you some time to   kill them. It is a good idea to begin boss fights with this attack.


1. Art of the Gladiator

- Attack speed is increased by 12%.
- Adds 20 points to dexterity.
- Accuracy rating is increased by 20%.
- Ignore all movement penalties from armour.

2. Master of the Arena

- 1% of life regenerated per second.
- Melee physical damage is increased by 8%.
- Adds 2 points to melee range.
- Adds 20 points do strength.

3. Bravery

- Evasion rating and armour are increased by 24%.
- Maximum life is increased by 8%.

4. Dervish

- Chance to block while dual wielding is increased by 2%.
- Physical damage while dual wielding is increased by 24%.
- Attack speed while dual wielding is increased by 6%.

5. Golem’s Blood

- Maximum life is increased by 5%.
- Life regenerated per second is increased by 1%.

6. Blade of Cunning

- Physical damage with swords is increased by 22%.
- Attack speed with swords is increased by 8%.
- Evasion rating is increased by 20%.

7. Deft Blade

- Physical damage with swords is increased by 22%.
- Enemy chance to block sword attacks is recuded by 15%.
- Smaller nodes

The above is an example guide for Duelist. For more builds or guides on the Path of Exile, you can visit here. If you need to buy cheap exalted orb, you can also check our website.

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