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Madden 20: Weekly content schedule per stream – Flashbacks

Flashback Plan Brings Derrick Henry, Gerald McCoy to the MUT

The Madden 20 Flashbacks program now has two new player cards that can be added to the Ultimate Team roster. On Monday, EA Madden focused on the latest additions based on their past competitions. Below is a detailed description of the two new player projects available in the Ultimate Team.

Flashbacks Derrick Henry (HB) -Tennessee Titans

Derrick Henry

In the 14th week of last season, Henry compiled 238 yards and four touchdowns in 17 attacks. This helped lead the Tennessee Titans to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 30-9. Henry now has 86 cards in the Madden 20 Flashbacks. For the 6-foot-3 center back, the card includes 92 Carrying, 84 Speed, and 83 Accelerations.

Flashbacks Gerald McCoy (DT) -Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Gerald McCoy

Gerald McCoy won his new Madden 20 flashback card in the 11th week of the 2013 NFL season. This is just McCoy’s second season in the league, and he is still strong today. His new player program totals 87, with 87 Tackles, 86 powers, 86 Play recognition and 80 Block Shedding. Not only that, but it also has the Madden 20 Power Up qualification, which means gamers can upgrade this card.

Here’s a look at the two new additions to Ultimate Team’s Flashbacks:

There are only two ways to get a Madden 20 Flashbacks player cards. Unfortunately, both methods involve spending game coins. The first is to purchase a Flashbacks Pack from the Training Points Store for 1,780 training points. If you don’t have enough time to play the game and earn coins, as a professional in-game currency store, is the best place for buying madden 20 coins cheap.

The second option is to buy a Flashback player with coins through the auction house. Depending on the player and how good their cards are, these prices can go up there. Check out the latest bids for the following Derrick Henry Flashback Cards.

Derrick Henry Flashbacks cards

Henry and McCoy joined other Madden 20 Flashbacks players revealed in the past few weeks, including Emmanuel Sanders, Marvin Jones Jr., Tony Jefferson, and Andrew Luck. All of these player cards and more are available through Flashbacks Packs or Auction House to add to your ultimate team.

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