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Madden 20 Week 4 Predictions: Lions vs Chiefs, Cowboys vs Saints

It is now the 4th week of the 2019-20 NFL season, and the prediction of Madden 20 has arrived. EA runs simulation games every week for the most recent week to see which teams are likely to win. There are some big matchups on the latest list, including two unbeaten teams. In one game, New England played against Buffalo, and in another game, the Lions fought against the Chiefs. Unless there is any relationship, after the game on Sunday, the unbeaten lineup will be reduced by two.

Madden 20 predictions for NFL Week 4 games

Last week, EA Madden performed well, taking 10-5 in the NFL Week 3 predictions (including Monday night football). They correctly predicted the victory of the New York Giants and the Chiefs defeated the Ravens. In the fourth week, with the undefeated teams, their timetable will become more difficult. The Green Bay Packers have lost their first game of the season in a confrontation with the Hawks on Thursday night.

So what is the show on Sunday? As mentioned earlier, the Patriots and Bills are on the same list as the Chiefs with a 3-0 record. Since joining the club with Madden 20 ratings, the new 99 OVR Patrick Mahomes has come into play. He and KC formed a lion team with a record of 2-0-1, thanks to his start of the game with Arizona. NBC’s Sunday Night Football provided another unbeaten team for the Dallas Cowboys. They will lead a team of Saints who lost Drew Brees, so most people want Dallas to win.

The EA simulation scores for today and Monday night week four are:

Madden 20 Week 4 Predictions

According to the above Madden 20′s prediction, the Cowboys, Patriots, Rams, and Chiefs will remain unbeaten. Some interesting scores can be done in any way, so if these new Madden 20 predictions are better than the results of Week 3, good or bad, it will be fun!

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