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Madden 20 Gameplay Impressions: The Good and the Bad


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Next, let me share some good and bad in Madden 20 gameplay.

The Good

  • There Are Some Beautiful Animations

The ability to pick off balls in the air has been nerfed. You will no longer teleport thru a defender. Also, if you decide to play the football with lousy positioning, you will whiff on tackles leading to enormous gains for the offense.

From one-handed catches to hurdles and some other more subtle actions. This was a pleasant surprise and something most fans of the series will appreciate.

To add on the point above, the users catch radius has been gutted. Users need to be stricter in coverage if they want to make a play on the ball. This leads to much more space around the field. Spacing concepts and high low concepts are much more effective.

They fixed crossers. Man coverage can shut down a crosser. A 3 Rec hook will also carry the Crosser, so you don’t need to use it from a trips formation.

  • The Action Looks Much Smoother

Controlling players across the board felt great. This is mostly because the running felt smoother. My son and I noticed it almost immediately during our games. When you group this with the new animations, improved visuals, and more detailed graphic, Madden 20 is set to be a more visually appealing game. I had an online game that came down to the wire. It was an incredibly smooth experience for a beta contest.

  • The Pass Rush is More Realistic

When playing against a dominant pass rusher, you’d better get accustomed to getting the ball out of your quarterback’s hands in a hurry. The pressure that stars on the edge and inner beasts like Aaron Donald provide can change everything about your passing game. This is one of the best takeaways I had from my time with the beta.

  • Animations and player movement feel more realistic.

  • There is a penalty for dropping back too far.

  • Shed D has been fixed.

  • Superstar X-Factor Doesn’t Feel Overpowered.

QB X-Factors

The Bad

It’s a lot harder to make adjustments on defense. You can no longer quick-adjust an individual linebacker/lineman. This forces you to cycle thru the players who take longer manually. This situation is made worse by the offense, instantly breaking out of the huddle, giving you barely any time to adjust to the offense. It’s very clunky right now, cus the method is the same as madden 19 for DBs which fuks with muscle memory.

  • The Franchise Mode Interface Doesn’t Look or Feel Upgraded.

I’m primarily a franchise mode guy, and it seems to me Madden’s version of the concept might still be lagging way behind the industry leaders. The interface looked almost the same. Some of these superstar abilities are overpowered. At least with X-Factors, you have to earn them, but these superstar abilities are always on.

  • Fumbles are too damn high.

In 17/18 games I played, I fumbled at least once. In my last game, there was a total of 6 errors.

Players using the hit stick will magically teleport to you. Hit sticks have more range than dive tackles. Dive tackles also seemed to be gutted.

QBs on designed QB runs will always fumble on conservative tackles. They seem to have taken away the increased carrying on designed QB runs to the point where you are just as likely to fumble on a QB run as a scramble.

The race option for receivers is pointless. It leads to a longer animation in which you can’t control.

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